Links for April 24 2011

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  • The Evolution of Customer Service by Michael Fauscette

    Quote: Social customer service and support is simply an extension of your current offerings, which must be in good health to provide a good foundation to expansion into the social CRM world. Today this means adding and managing customer communities and expanding your communication channels to include social networks and communication tools. Providing a good, integrated customer experience is still about solid infrastructure, trained personnel and customer focused processes, this hasn’t changed

  • Finger Pointing by That IT Chick

    Quote: It’s difficult enough solving this type of issue without dealing with people whose first thought is to prove it’s not their problem. Instead of acting as the point person, coordinating the vendors’ efforts in finding the cause, I was a den mother to a group of squabbling toddlers.

  • First Name Basis by Elliot Ross on Strategic Technology

    Quote: Technology can do wonderful things, but some times face to face and a First Name basis wins hands down.

  • Where do good ideas come from? by Amy Taylor on Brains On Fire Blog

    Quote: “The great driver of scientific innovation and technological innovation has been the historic increase in connectivity and our ability to reach out and exchange ideas with other people – and to borrow other people’s hunches and combine them with our hunches, turning them into something new. That, more than anything else, has been the primary engine of creativity and innovation over the last 600 or 700 years.”

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