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Links for April 21 2013

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  • The Three Elements of Successful Data Visualizations – Jim Stikeleather – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Storytelling helps the viewer gain insight from the data. Information visualization is a process that transforms data and knowledge into a form that relies on the human visual system to perceive its embedded information. The goal is to enable the viewer to observe, understand and make sense of the information. The difference between information visualization and traditional storytelling in film, theater or television is that the information and story conveyed in information visualization environments are much more complicated. Design techniques that prioritize particular interpretations in visualizations that "tell a story" can significantly affect end-user interpretation.

  • 4 Principles Of Marketing As A Science

    Quote: Scientific marketers are usually interested in science more broadly. They’re curious and open to new learning. As they read about new findings, theories, and frameworks from other disciplines, they consider how they may be applicable to their own work and are eager to try such cross-pollination — which is another excellent source of hypotheses for marketing experimentation.

  • Understanding Customers Is Everyone’s Job – Brad Power – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: …translating customer data into insights is hard. But turning these insights into new customer experiences and revenue is even harder. An even bigger challenge is getting all the functions of the organization to work together to create the most value from detailed customer insights.

  • The Duality of Technology – or why business and technology leaders look at the same thing and see it so differently

    Quote: The business wants the wave form of technology, active, low impact, dynamic — something that gives the operations, products and services a healthly glow from a good tan. Alternatively IT organizations concentrate on the particle form of technology, the apps, data, communications, infrastructure, elements etc. The things that are complex, high impact, stable — things that add weight and reality to the cost of doing business. The problem is you cannot one or the other, you need both, even if you are buying cloud services all you are doing is seeking the wave by outsourcing the particles.

  • Employee Engagement isn’t about Efficiency – Symbolist

    Quote: Employee engagement is an effectiveness play not an efficiency play.

  • The Rise of the Digital CMO – Jake Sorofman – Harvard Business Review

    Quote: Digital CMOs also think beyond digital marketing. They look for opportunities to create digital experiences and revenue streams enabled by the nexus of forces, which is Gartner’s description of the convergence and mutual reinforcement of social, mobile, cloud and rich information. The collision of these factors unlocks opportunities to reach and engage with consumers across the physical and virtual worlds, drawing them closer with targeted, contextually relevant experiences and offers. Further, it can allow brands to redefine how value is created and delivered — the way Apple has with music, Amazon has with IT infrastructure, and Netflix has with movies.

  • Why good storytelling helps you design great products — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: It’s not uncommon for designers to confuse a beautiful looking product with one that works beautifully. A great technique for creating smarter, better products is to approach them using story-centered design.

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