Links for April 12 2009

Things not to say – “We don’t have time” by Scott Berkun on The Berkun Blog

Thinking outside the project: implied responsibilities of an agile product owner by Laura Brandau on Bridging the Gap between Business and IT

The costs of employee turnover, and turnover rates by industry by Cheri Baker on The Enlightened Manager

Forgotten IT Skills: How To Ask Questions by Dr Jim Anderson on The Business of IT

Upending the Get Rich Quick Business Model by Pat Kitano on Media Transparent

Why is everything being declared Dead? by Kas Thomas on assertTrue()

Change Minds by Changing Feelings: Responding to Negativity 2.0 by Matthew Grant on Marketing Profs Daily Fix

How We Know What We Know by John Hunter on Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog

The Simple guide to Earned Value by Mike Griffiths on Leading Answers (hat tip to Bas de Baar)

Silos Culture Inside the Walls of Nonprofits Prevent Effective Social Media Use by Beth Canter on Beth’s Blog

The Art of Community Building: Two Views by Andrew McAfee

Future: How The Social Contract Between People and Brands Will Evolve by Jeremiah Owyang on Web Strategy by Jeremiah

10 Strategies for Building Leadership Optimism by Dan McCarthy on Great Leadership

6 Half-Truths About the Cloud by Joe Weinman on GigaOm

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Simon Stapleton
13 years ago

Thanks for sharing Eric. Great list. As usual, a great link to Jim Anderson's blog!

13 years ago

Links for April 12 2009: Negativity 2.0 by Matthew Grant on Marketing Profs Daily Fix How We Know What We Know b..

13 years ago

New blog post: Links for April 12 2009

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