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Links for April 11 2010

  • Innovation success is based on enthusiasm by Jeffrey Phillips on Innovate on Purpose

    Quote from the article: What sustains innovation over time is the ability to fail occasionally, which is an ironclad certainty, without a loss of enthusiasm for the concept of innovation

  • The future of marketing in a technology world by Scott Brinker on Chief Marketing Technologist

    Quote from the article: It’s time to embrace a new class of professionals in the marketing department: marketing technologists, who are software architects and engineers with marketing and business savvy. To assemble and lead this group, there needs to be a new senior leadership role for a marketing CTO or chief marketing technologist.

  • The CIO is Dead! Long Live the CIO! by Vince Kellen on The Cutter Blog

    Quote from the article: To argue that the CIO role will disappear is to suggest that IT is no longer complex or dynamic and does not rise to a level of management difficulty that requires a C-level executive to attend to it. This means that at some level in the organization, and probably very high, dabblers and part-time professionals will be sufficient. Perhaps. But the kind of competitiveness in industries that heavily use IT is not for armchair strategists or part-time enthusiasts.

  • Why tell stories anyway? by David Willows on Fragments

    Great question. Stories provide context…something that might be missing in lot of areas these days.

  • Three truths of IT success by Michael Krigsman on Enterprise Irregulars

    Quote from the article: The persistence of high failure rates suggests that IT projects are more complicated and difficult to complete successfully than we generally recognize. The common view that projects are merely a bundle of implementation steps does not sufficiently address underlying business, organizational, and human dimensions essential to success.

  • Why You Should NEVER Listen to Your Customers by Mark Cuban on blog maverick

    Quote from the article: Your customers can tell you the things that are broken and how they want to be made happen. Listen to them. Make them happy. But they won’t create the future roadmap for your product or service. That’s your job.

  • The Social CRM Process by Jacob Morgan

    Quote from the article: social CRM is a strategy and as Bob mentions, it’s important to separate the strategy from the technology.  My image below doesn’t make it clear that you can do social CRM without social media/networks since the entire image is based around online data from social spaces

  • What IT, Business Really Think of Each Other By Susan Cramm on CIO Insight

    Quote from the article: As leaders get smarter about IT, they increase their adoption of key IT leadership practices and start breaking through the negative stereotypes. For example, in organizations with IT-smart IT and business leaders, ROI is acceptable or great (93 percent), business leaders drive business change associated with IT-enabled investments (90 percent), and IT products and services meet the needs of the business (88 percent).

  • Communication: Meaning Is In The Response by Steve Roesler on All Things Workplace

    Most of us concentrate on what to say and how to say it. In our zeal to  get our message across we forget that at the other end of our message is a real, live person with her own zeal, goals, and concerns. These may not coincide with ours, especially at the moment when we are about to start communicating our new ideas

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