Links for Feb 16 2014

Technology Consultant - Eric D. Brown | Image for link posts
  • Innovate on Purpose: People are our most important asset

    Quote: Innovation is vitally, critically dependent on good people who are passionate about innovation and fully engaged and committed. Note the adjectives: passionate, engaged, committed. It can be difficult to find passionate, engaged and committed people for any activity, much less one that is unusual, fraught with risk and unlikely to be repeated.

  • Three mathematical innovations to transform mobile data and analytics | IBM Mobile

    Quote: Thus big data analytics in a mobile enterprise is not just about the marriage of efficient data processing and deep insights; it is about delivering the right business value at the right time for the business in motion. Hence a mobile enterprise should be a real-time consumer and publisher of big data analytics capabilities at the same time. Data scientists are busy building smarter algorithms and machines toward this dream as we read this post.

  • Do your customers trust you? | Adrian Reed’s blog

    Quote: In summary, a holistic view of the business, achieved through thorough business analysis will help to ensure a consistent level of service and quality are delivered, and this is one of the cornerstones to building trust with customers. By examining the holistic business problem, backing up our understanding with data and insight, enables us to consider the people, process, organisational and technology changes that might be necessary to keep our business running effectively and efficiently.

  • Optimize For Competitive Advantage

    Quote: Whilst competitive analysis is huge topic, the value of even a basic competitive analysis can be considerable. By doing so, we can adjust our own offering to compete better, or decide that competing directly is not a great idea, and that we would be better off entering a closely-related market, instead . We may create a whole new niche and have no competition. At least, not for a while.

  • Cloud, DevOps and Herding Cats : CloudAve

    Quote: Cloud and DevOps is more about business transformation than it is technology, which makes it different than client / server, the internet, and other waves of change that have hit enterprise IT. Communicating the impact of this change to business and IT stakeholders will likely be a key success factor for CIOs as they drive cloud and DevOps transformation.

  • Giving less advice by Jason Fried of Basecamp

    Quote: Advice, like fruit, is best when it’s fresh. But advice quickly decays, and 15 year-old advice is bound to be radioactive. Sharing a life experience is one thing (grandparents are great at this – listen to them!), but advice is another thing. Don’t give advice about things you used to know. Just because you did something a long time ago doesn’t mean you’re qualified to talk about it today.

  • Better data means better education, online and in the lecture hall — Tech News and Analysis

    Quote: Collecting student data digitally isn’t solely something for massive open online courses. Even university professors and their students can benefit from transforming the lecture experience into one designed to go anywhere and collect data all along the way.

  • Design is Purpose Driven and Solves Problems

    Quote: Changing behavior is very hard. Good design, which solves a fundamental problem, plays an important part in effecting that change.