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Leading IT Through Trust and Ownership

Quote: I need my entire IT staff to think “outside / in” by learning about and caring about the lives of our customers. We can do that by walking a mile in their shoes. What is it like to be a call center agent? Spend a day with them and see. What is it like to use the technology we create? Ask to be on the implementation team of our newest customer. This not only creates better context for the decisions we make but also builds those relationships of trust that are so important, which free us up to lead our organization into the technology-driven future.

The backlash against big data, continued

Quote: There is a lot of hype about “big data,” and much of it is ridiculous. Ignore the hype. Learn to be a data skeptic. That doesn’t mean becoming skeptical about the value of data; it means asking the hard questions that anyone claiming to be a data scientist should ask. Think carefully about the questions you’re asking, the data you have to work with, and the results that you’re getting. And learn that data is about enabling intelligent discussions, not about turning a crank and having the right answer pop out.

Elevating customer experience: what every CMO needs to know

Quote: I believe that CMOs who take on the customer experience as a strategic priority will see their marketing performance improve over peers who continue to focus solely on pushing out pitches. Today’s customers expect to be engaged in fresh, relevant ways. If they feel as though your brand respects (and meets!) their needs, they’ll be far more likely to pursue long-term relationships with you . . . and then they’ll pass on their glowing recommendations to friends, family and social networks – all of whom are just as eager for great customer experiences.

This startup says it can find the algorithm that defines your data

Quote: A startup called Emerald Logic claims it uses an evolutionary process to discover the best algorithm for predicting outcomes from any dataset. It might sound to good to be true, but the company claims successes already and is one of several startups trying something similar.

Leave the CIO alone

Quote: The CIO of today must be comfortable being a business strategist, a technology evaluator and implementer, and a business manager, all rolled into one. But all of these skills are already encompassed in the title chief information officer. Let it be.

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