“Leadership Turn” on Efficient Leadership

Jonathan Farrington has an excellent blog post on his Leadership Turn blog that that I think is wonderful. The post, titled “Six Steps to help you achieve more with less“, is informative, concise and to the point…which is something that is lacking in most blog posts these days….including most of my posts 🙂

In his post, Jonathan provides six steps that can help a leader be more efficient with his/her team(s). The steps are:

  • Step One: Understand your operation – Do you know your operation well enough to improve it?
  • Step Two: Set the right objectives – Do you have the right objectives to steer improvement?
  • Step Three: Check customer perception – How can you identify non-value-added (wasteful) activity? How can you remove it?
  • Step Four: Increase capacity – Are you meeting demand? What action(s) can you take? How efficient are your resources?
  • Step Five: Continuously improve – Do you have a systematic approach to constant improvement?
  • Step Six: Check customer perception – How effective have your efforts been? How can you tell?

Very powerful steps for a leader regardless of whether they have enough resources or are extremely short on resources. Notice that two of the six steps are titled ‘check customer perception’…very important to consider throughout the lifecycle of a project.

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2 responses to ““Leadership Turn” on Efficient Leadership”

  1. Jonathan Farrington Avatar


    Thank you for highlighting today’s post on the Turn – very kind of you!

    I am not always as succinct myself and I think it is sometimes difficult to stop the words flowing when writing about something you are passionate about.

    Keep up the good work.


  2. Eric Brown Avatar

    Thank Jonathan…I enjoy your blog and thought todays post was quite good.