Kent Blumberg: Essential Leadership Tools

Just ran across an interesting post about leadership tools on Kent Blumberg’s blog. Kent lists 15 ‘tools’ that are essential for a leader. In a nutshell, they are:

15 Essential Leadership Tools

1. Strategic vision.
2. Automatic focus.
3. A heart.
4. Input tools
5. A funny bone.
6. The ability to delegate.
7. Curiosity.
8. Financial Intelligence.
9. Planning skills
10. Problem solving skills.
11. Risk management skills
12. An evidence-based approach to new ideas
13. Measurement skills.
14. The ability to know when and how to make decisions.
15. Tenacity

Nothing in the list is ground-breaking but it is good to see things such as “a heart” and “a funny bone” included with the often thought of “strategic vision” leadership trait.

Visit Kent’s blog to read his commentary on each ‘tool’.

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Kent Blumberg
16 years ago


Thanks for the link and the kind comments.