Its about the people…


peopleOver the few weeks, I’ve been writing a lot about IT and the future of IT.

Most of those articles end up with me saying something like “think about the people in IT” or talking about having good people on your team.

So…let me say it again….just to be clear:

Its about the people.

say it with me please:

Its about the people….

Without people, your process doesn’t work.

Without people, your strategy is worthless.

Without people, you won’t make revenue, let alone profit.

Without people, you won’t have a business.

But…don’t have people just to have people….you’ve got to have the right people.

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  1. davidburkus Avatar

    Good post Eric. As an organizational behavioralist, I often get frustrated cause mainstream “business” media is focused on numbers…not the people who drive those numbers.

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  3. Its about the people…: Over the few weeks, I’ve been writing a lot about IT and the future of IT.
    Most of those ar…

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    By extension "it" (pun intended) is about leadership.

  6. jfbauer Avatar


    It is indeed about people. I’d even go so far as to say people at all levels in the IT organization. A great CIO alone can’t drive the IT department single-handedly to success. From an individual on an IT HelpDesk that can effectively empathize with the user on the phone and efficiently route their need to the appropriate person/process for resolution to the VP of Architecture that can seek out strategic business goals and create technology roadmaps to align technology to support those goals; you need good people.

    Often the media, the IT pundits and numbers get in the way of recognizing the supporting good people.

    1. Eric D. Brown, D.Sc. Avatar

      Thanks John….right on. Not one person can do it…it’s a team effort.

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  8. Marilyn Nichols Avatar

    Very well said, Eric. People are the most important resources. Manpower is the key element of a workforce.