It’s a blog-birthday!

Birthday Cake By Will Clayton on flickrJuly marks the 5th year of existance of this blog.

On July 14 2006 I pushed ‘publish’ on my first post.  That post – titled The Strategic Use of Human Resources – was an excerpt from a paper I wrote for one my MBA classes.

The blog has come a long way since that first post.   I’ve published 761 posts on all sorts of topics…but some of the ones I’m most proud of have fallen into the “New CIO” category that I started in 2009.  Seems like more folks are really starting to talk about the new role of the CIO and the IT group.

A few examples from this category:

Funny that 3 out of the above 4 posts are posts that use stories to get an idea across to the reader…maybe I need more of those.

Thanks for reading….It’s been a fun five years…looking forward to seeing you around here for many more years go come.

Image Credit: Birthday Cake By Will Clayton on flickr

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  1. Published: It's a blog-birthday!

  2. It’s a blog-birthday! via @EricDBrown

  3. Published: It's a blog-birthday!

  4. Published: It's a blog-birthday!

  5. It’s a blog-birthday! from @ericdbrown

  6. Happy 5th blog-birthday @ericdbrown !

  7. RT @charleshgreen: Happy 5th blog-birthday @EricDBrown ! <– Thanks!

  8. jfbauer Avatar

    Eric, congrats on reaching your 5 year milestone! It is impressive you have been able to keep up your blog posting so consistently for 5 years. Great work and keep the thought provoking posts coming! – jfbauer

  9. ericbrown Avatar

    @jfbauer Thanks John!

  10. #pmot Happy blog birthday Eric: It's a blog-birthday! via @ericdbrown

  11. Expert Mom Avatar
    Expert Mom

    5 years fly by but it is impressive that you have kept it up and managed to post fairly often. I started my first site over 10 years ago and I wish I would have kept it up like you 🙂