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Is Big Data Worth It?


it-isnt-eat-but-its-worth-itI just read an article titled “Marketers: Is Big Data Worth It?

In the article, the author, Larisa Bedgood, does a very good job of addressing the question of whether big data is important for organizations to focus on.  The author rites that:

The moral of the story? It’s about the data, or rather the insights derived from the data. It’s not enough to simply collect the data. Your data must tell a story. Stories of who your customers are, what your competitors are doing, what offers will be most appealing to prospects, which cross-sell and up-sell opportunities you should offer, and so on.

So true.

Big data is indeed worth it as long as you approach the collection, storage, analysis and use of data in the right way. Your data must tell a story but you must be willing to have that story write itself rather than forcing the story along the lines you want it to go.

If you are ‘doing’ big data the right way, you’ll often find more questions than answers, but that’s what makes big data ‘worth it’. With big data, you aren’t just going through the motions…you have to truly put the effort in to find the real value within your data.

Is bit data worth it? Absolutely…but only if you put the time and effort into the analysis of that data. Big data isn’t easy, but it is worth it.

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