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Ran across an interesting blog written by Rhett Laubach titled “Personal Leadership Insight” has a lot of interesting ideas about leadership. One interesting post is the “Fostering Relationships” post that uses the acronym “MATCH” to describe how to foster more meaningful relationships. An excerpt from the post is:

When leading and motivating your team, remember the following formula for what they need to get and stay motivated over the long haul…

M – Modeled… Behavior is influenced directly by what we see modeled by those around us.

A – Appreciated… Appreciation is statistically more important to employee performance than compensation.

T – Trained… People naturally want to perform their duties. However, they must be trained in a manner that is conducive for learning and retention. This is true in a wide swath of workplace competencies. From day-to-day technical duties to the creation and maintaining of culture.

C – Communicated with… Lack of clarity is the second highest reason why people leave their job (the first is they don’t like the people they work with, specifically their boss.)

H – Heartfully encouraged… There is a place and time for cynicism, but not in leadership and not today.

Everyone head over to Rhett’s blog and check it out.

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  1. Rhett Laubach Avatar

    Eric, thanks for the kudos. I look forward to swapping more links in the future!

    Rhett Laubach
    Personal Leadership Insight Expert