I’m infamous

I’m quoted in the local newspaper regarding a local City Councilman and ex-teacher who bought a ‘degree’ from a diploma mill.


Just received a call from his wife asking why I’m trying to ‘deliberately destroy his family’.   I’m sorry Ms Young…but I’m not.  Your husband has done that all by himself.

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2 responses to “I’m infamous”

  1. jeff 'SKI' Kinsey Avatar


    The wife said so, so it must be true!

    Her life was fine until you exposed the possible lack of the necessary credentials. It is a great article; thanks for sharing. I participated in a program that gave partial credits for life experiences. Basically, they would help you get up to 1/4 the credits needed for a BA in Management, given proper documentation and testing of the acquired skillset. They have an accredited program. Makes all the difference in the world.

    Changing the argument is the only way that Mr. Young (and wife) can save face. He either failed to properly validate the school’s accreditation, or he sought to deceive. Placing the blame on others frees him from his role.

    At least in his mind.


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  2. Eric D. Brown Avatar

    @jeff ‘SKI’ Kinsey:

    You are absolutely correct…they are trying to change the conversation to keep away from the issue at hand.

    There are plenty of accredited programs that could be used by someone like Mr Young to receive a valid degree. Charter Oak and Thomas Edison State College are two that come to mind…you can use a ‘portfolio’ of previous work and experience as part of the program and then you can test out of a considerable portion of the program.