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If you could only read 1 blog…

If you could only read 1 blog…which one would it be?

If I was limited to only one blog, I’d choose to read Scott Adam’s “The Dilbert Blog“. The blog is intelligent, fairly original, creative and funny. Those are all qualities that seem to be lacking in the blogosphere today (readers who are also bloggers are excluded of course :) )

What other blog vacillates (that was the ‘word of the day’ today) between serious (or at least semi-serious) and outrageously funny as much as The Dilbert Blog? I can’t find another blog as entertaining as his. Come on…who else can write a blog post titled ‘The Proof of God‘ just days after writing a blog post titled ‘Turd is the Word‘? A message to Mr. Adams – Thanks for the laughter and making me think!

Of course, if my original question was changed “If you could only read one non-humorous blog…which one would it be?” then I’d have to change my choice…but that would be a hard decision since there are so many good ones out there. I won’t go through the list again, but good examples of great blogs can be seen in my blogroll and I outlined some particularly good blogs in my previous blog post titled “I’m tired…a rant.”

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Craig Brown (no relation!)

Surely you would read mine!

Eric Brown
16 years ago

Craig – Of course I would!