I love technology….

Just finished upgrading my Verizon FIOS Internet to 30Mbps download speed and 15Mbps upload speed…what a wonderful thing technology is. Now I can access my home network with VPN without crawling like it has been doing.

Of course, I don’t NEED this speed but it is sure nice to have 🙂

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2 responses to “I love technology….”

  1. Gene De Libero Avatar

    I’d be happy to have basic FIOS service in my neighborhood. I keep getting the flyer in the mail promoting me to call and signup for service, but alas, the service is not available where I live.

    Why send me the card and get my hopes up (and waste my time, too) if you can’t deliver on the promise? Their applications should be smarter, and so should their marketing team.

    Maybe your next consulting gig should be helping club-footed companies like Verizon use their business intelligence data more effectively!

  2. Eric Brown Avatar

    FIOS is wonderful but the implementation and the marketing plan has been a a bit rocky.

    When they first rolled out FIOS here in my area, there were people that could get the service on one side of the street but not the other. It seems Verizon selectively laid fiber to the areas that offered the most opportunity even if that meant wiring only one side of the street.

    That issue was finally resolved but I’ve heard of these issues elsewhere.

    If you know anyone at Verizon feel free to send them my contact details…I’d be happy to help them 🙂