I like Zamanta

In case you’ve noticed the little “Zemified” icon (and even if you haven’t), I’ve started using Zemanta on my blog and like it quite a bit. I’m running WordPress and use the Zemanta Firefox plugin and think I will continue to use it. The ‘suggested articles’ feature is great…I start typing a post and get a list of pictures, articles, links and tags to use in my posts…often times there are some non-relevant items but most times they are very relevant.

What I have found is that Zemanta is helping me to focus my message….if i’m writing an article about ‘perfection’ and getting articles about Calvin & Hobbs, I’m probably not saying what I should say 🙂

If you use WordPress, Blogger or Typepad…check out Zemanta.

6 responses to “I like Zamanta”

  1. andraz Avatar

    Hi from Zemanta!

    Glad you like our service!

    If you have additional ideas how our service could better help you, please send us an email or leave us a message at http://getsatisfaction.com/zemanta


  2. andraz Avatar

    oh, almost forgot… it’s zemAnta, with an A 🙂

  3. Eric Brown Avatar

    Thanks Andraz….I got the name right in the Title…but seemed to have misspelled it everywhere else! 🙂 I’ve made the change.

  4. andraz Avatar

    No problem,

    how do you like the tool after some time, still cool?


  5. Eric Brown Avatar

    I’m still liking Zemanta a lot Andraz…very nice product.

  6. Amit Aviv Avatar


    I wrote a FireFox extension that helps bloggers easily add links to their posts. It uses OpenCalais for semantic analysis and Google search for link suggestions.
    It’s still alpha code, but I think it’s already useful and fun to use.
    Check it out in kaalga.com
    Would love to hear what you think.

    Thanks, Amit.