Hiding behind your Role

A recent article by J Schwan at The Technology Edge titled “Stop Hiding Behind your Role and Get it Done” has an interesting spin on the world of technology and getting things done.  J Schwan writes:

…in order for a project to succeed we need to stop hiding behind our roles and get back to the fundamental understanding that we are technologists. This means that regardless of the role that we are playing, it is our responsibility to understand the business problem, understand the system as a whole and understand the plan that’s in place to solve that business problem.

This is an excellent thought and does happen more often than not.

I’ve found that many people tend to hide behind their roles and have done it myself in the past.  I don’t believe people do this on purpose…I think we all get comfortable in our roles and get so busy trying to get our jobs done that we sometimes forget about the ‘big picture’.  I think we get so busy, we stop focusing on the business issues and only focus on the small area that falls within our ‘small world’ of influence.

In the world of ‘productivity’, ‘efficiency’ and ‘methodologies’, everyone is so busy with following process, that we’ve lost focus on the end result: solve the problem and/or get it done.

I’ll be the first to say it:  Let’s stop hiding behind our processes, methodologies and roles, look at the issues and the solutions.  Then…here’s a thought…let’s look at what’s best for the business and do that.

J Schwan’s original post kicked off some interesting comments…take a jump over and read the entire post and the reader’s comments.

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