Heading to the beach

I’ll be on vacation for the next week (Sept 6 through 13).  Like always, I’ve picked the absolute worst time to go somewhere….we are on our way to North Carolina for the week.  I’m hoping the hurricanes stay away!

I’ll post some pictures throughout the week and if I can bring myself to think about it, I may post a few blog posts as well.

2 responses to “Heading to the beach”

  1. Raven Young Avatar

    Ooo – the beach! Never really a bad time to go, is there? Well,.. Ok, hurricane season might not be the best time.

    Hope you and yours had fun!

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  2. Eric D. Brown Avatar

    @Raven Young: Thanks Raven. It wasn’t the best time to come to the beach but we made it work. The week has been good but we are heading back to Dallas early due to Ike coming in.

    Next trip: Mexico (my wife’s vote) or Yellowstone (my vote)….anyone want to bet were we end up? 🙂