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Godaddy Customer Service – An Update

If you haven’t read the post earlier this week about Godaddy’s customer service, you really didn’t miss much…other than a rant from me about how bad their service is.

I have made the move to Superb Servers. In addition to being $15 per month cheaper than GoDaddy for a similar dedicated server, Superb Servers had my new server up and running within 4 hours of my order being accepted.

Their Customer Service has been outstanding so far . I had a question so I thought I’d give them a call to test out their service…and was amazed to be talking to a live person within a few short seconds of placing the call.

In addition to better customer service than Godaddy, the Super Server network seems to have much less latency than Godaddy. My ping times for my domains on Godaddy were ~84 ms and on Superb Servers I’m seeing ~41ms…..this seems to have translated into a much faster load time for the websites on the server.

If anyone out there is looking for a dedicated server, you should definitely check out Superb Servers.

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