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Helping-a-friendI just read Tom Catalini’s “Everybody Knows IT, But They Still Need Help” where he wrote:

People know IT now. But they also need help. That’s not necessarily obvious to them, because it can be obscured by their comfort level and experience. It’s obvious to you, though, so don’t be afraid to take a leadership role and help.

Very true.

Most folks in organizations are very comfortable with the basics of technology today. With that comfort, it request much less effort by IT organizations to introduce technology to the organization.

The ‘old’ days of IT put a lot of responsibility on the shoulders of the IT group for introducing new technologies to the organization as well as teaching user’s the basics of usage.  Today, most employees have a good feel for basic technology. Additionally, many people within organizations are very technically savvy and are able to understand technology without any assistance from IT.

The role of the IT group has shifted from ‘gods of technology’ to that of technology enabler.  We no longer need to wait for IT to tell us about a new technology or solution. In fact, IT groups are getting bombarded by the rest of the organization over ‘new’ technologies and solutions.

This dynamic is one of the reasons that many IT groups have begun moving into a pure operational mindset over the last few years. They have felt as if they can just focus on ‘keeping the lights on’ and helping to implement new solutions and technologies.

This operational mindset is the wrong approach in my opinion. The future of IT lays within two main areas: Consulting and Leadership.

When I say consulting, I mean exactly that. The IT group needs to step into a role of helping the organization understand and use technology. Additionally, rather than sit back and wait for the organization to bring a technology, solution or project to the IT group, the IT team needs take a leadership role in helping the organization identify technologies and opportunities where technology can help.

Tom has it right. Everyone knows technology, but there is still plenty of room for IT to help organizations out.   How are you and your team trying to help our organization out?

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