From the UK: Experience more important?

An article on the British Computer Society’s website titled “Companies claim formal IT qualifications unimportant” discusses a survey performed by IT market research company Vanson Bourne. Some results of the survey are:

  • More than 70 percent of HR managers surveyed said they preferred to see relevant work experience on a candidate’s CV over formal qualifications.
  • 38 percent of HR managers said that candidates required basic technology training once taken on, as all too often candidates were missing these basic skills.
  • IT departments are rarely directly involved in the recruitment of personnel. Just over half of HR departments left the final decision over which IT candidates to employ to their IT department, while 30 percent of IT departments have no involvement in the recruitment process.

The survey results are interesting…I’d like to see results of this same type of survey in the US. Personally, I’m all for reviewing a candidates work experience and have usually preferred to hire more experienced people over fresh-faced college grads, but I don’t see that being the norm in the United States in the recent years (see my post titled “The Hiring Process” for my thoughts on that). The last point makes me wonder if similar circumstances exist here in the US.

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