Exavault – Customer Service Done Right

I’ve been looking for a remote location to store off-site backups and have tried a lot of different services and I thought I found the answer with a company called Exavault (http://www.exavault.com).

Exavault has two different types of accounts: FTP and rsync. Each account has its strengths & weaknesses and each account is very competitive in the price area (e.g., 50GB storage space for rsync account for $22.50 per month).

I signed up for the rsync account but after fiddling with it I realized it wasn’t going to do what I needed it to do…so I asked Exavault if I could switch my account from rsync to FTP. The answer was a quick “Yes”.

I tried out the FTP account and realized it wasn’t going to work exactly as I needed it to and started to regret signing up for exavault. I emailed them and asked if I could cancel my account.

Now…many other services on the web have a ‘no cancellation’ clause and will not refund your money…but not Exavault. Their response was quick ‘sure…you can cancel and we’ll refund your money’. They asked if there was anything they could do to help me with the service and when they heard what I was trying to do, they provided a couple of suggestions for how I might be able to accomplish my goals.

I thanked them for the suggestions and considered them (they were well thought out suggestions that almost would have worked) but after a few minutes of thought I declined and asked to cancel.

The account was canceled and a full refund was provided without any argument or attempt to cajole me into staying.

The moral of this story? This is how customer service should be done. You treat your customers right and they will treat you right. If you need a service like this I’d highly suggest you try out Exavault.

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2 responses to “Exavault – Customer Service Done Right”

  1. Ron Avatar

    I just had a good experience with Exavault. I signed up for their rsync service on windows. I got confused by some commented out settings in one of their files. I told them they could close the ticket when I figured out what I had done wrong. They asked if it was a problem with their scripts, and I suggested how they could fix them to avoid the confusion. Next day, they changed their scripts and gave me a month's credit for helping out. I was nice, they were nice. Everyone was happy. 🙂

  2. Eric D. Brown Avatar

    Ron – Thanks for sharing. I've heard nothing but good things about Exavault!