Doctorate Work = 43% complete

I’ve just submitted my last requirement for my last class in the Spring 2009 semester.  Whew. I’m now 43% complete with the doctoral work…should be done with coursework around this time next year.

Current Status (May 2009)

  • 39 hours complete
  • 52 remaining (27 hours coursework, 25 hours dissertation)
  • 43% complete.
  • Coursework completion ~ mid-2010
  • Dissertation completion ~2012.

I’m taking another six hours this summer…might be a beating but we’ll see.  The courses are:

  • INFS 750 – Telecommunications Technology & Management – Starting May 18
  • INFS 892 – Advanced Design Science Research Methods – Starting May 18
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Mike Schaffner
13 years ago


I applaud and envy your persistence and diligence. This can be a long and grueling process but I'm confident you'll do well. Stay the course my friend.


Andrew Meyer
13 years ago

Congrats. It's a lot of work to layer on top of working and living.

Wishing you all the best,


13 years ago

New blog post: Doctorate Work = 43% complete