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Doctorate Pursuit – Year 1

The first year of my doctorate program is done!

Actually…I finished my last course about a month ago but with the Fall 2008 semester starting next week, I figured I should claim the First Year is complete.

During the first year I took five courses:

  • INFS 614 – Introduction to Research
  • INFS 720 – Systems Analysis and Design
  • INFS 724 – Project & Change Management
  • INFS 834 – Knowledge Management
  • INFS 730 – Programming for Ecommerce

The Project & Change Management course had me worried (joke!)….i was a little upset that I would have to take the course but it turned out ok…I got 45 PDU’s for my PMP continuing education out of it.

The Fall 2008 Semester finds me taking some interesting courses.   They are:

  • INFS 805 – Design Research Methods
  • Summary: The course develops skills needed for conducting research whose aim is to invent methods and techniques that make information systems more effective and efficient. Students will also acquire skills in developing research proposals that follow the design research paradigm and will learn how to publish such research.
  • INFS 830 – Decision Support Systems
  • Summary: The primary objective of this course is to introduce students to the concepts, techniques and applications of computer-based decision support systems. The course covers issues pertaining to the design, history, theory, practice, methods and techniques, new developments, and applications of computing technologies to support decision processes and decision-making by individuals, groups and organizations

It should be fun!  Look for more info from me as the semester unfolds.  Feel free to check out my Academic page for more info on my progress and/or the Doctor of Science program at Dakota State University.

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Eric D. Brown
15 years ago

@Cary Harwin:

Hi Cary,

Thanks….I may need the luck 🙂

I’ll take a look at your site and let you know my thoughts. Thanks again!

Cary Harwin
15 years ago

Enjoyed browsing your academic page and my compliments to the amount of accomplishments you’ve already achieved. Good luck on your doctorate pursuit. I see you’re taking a DSS course this fall and that you’ve studied sigma six, etc.

I’d be interested in your opinion of a new product that we will be releasing … problably next month…. I’ve prepared a presentation on it, ChoiceAnalyst, which utilizes Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis in its decision making processes.

I’d appreciate your watching this and sharing your candid opinion and thoughts.

With appreciation,

Cary Harwin