I’m told I need a disclosures page.

I write this blog as a way to share my thoughts on topics. Sometimes I’m right…sometimes I’m not….and I’m happy to be told I’m wrong šŸ™‚

That said, I have accepted products (books mostly) for review and payments for sponsored posts.

Below are specifics.

  • Sometimes I receive offers from book publishers to review a book.Ā  If I accept the book and think it is worth sharing with readers, I’ll post a review.Ā  When these reviews happen, I will also state that the book was provided by the author(s) and/or their PR firm. Sometimes I review books that I’ve bought myself. I do this because I think they’re worth sharing.
  • If I link to amazon (for a book review for example), I try to always put the words “affiliate link” after the link. There are probably some Amazon Affiliate links that i didn’t do this on – but please know that this oversight isn’t done on purpose in order to deceive. Anytime you click through an Amazon affiliate link and buy, i earn a few dollars.
  • I do not accept offers for placement of ‘paid’ links.
  • I do not place links in posts/pages that I have already published.
  • I have accepted and do accept sponsorship for blog posts. Anytime I do, these sponsor posts are clearly marked at the top and bottom of the post as being sponsored. That said, I do not accept sponsored posts for the sole purpose of buildingĀ link-backsĀ to your website and/or your client’s website.Ā Ā If you would like me to link to your website or your clients’ website, you will need to put together a sponsorship package that outlines our working relationship. Any posts/page that includes a link to your site via one of these sponsorship will be highlighted as a “sponsored post” at the beginning and end of the blog post/page.
  • I do not accept ‘spun’ content for the purpose of SEO and links for your website or your client’s website(s).
  • I do have affiliate links to Adorama and Borrowlenses.com sprinkled throughout my “Foto Friday” and Photography sections. Clicking on these links (and buying something from those websites) provides me with some pocket change to buy more photography ‘stuff’

If you find anything on my blog that doesn’t fit the above, please contact me so i can clarify…and add it to this disclosures page.

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