CIO’s: Consider This…

Danny Brown recently wrote a post titled “Consider This” where he writes a Seth Godin type of post (that’s a compliment by the way).  In the post, Danny makes some rather simple yet profound statements.  A few of these statements are:

If I give up on your phone tree, your communication options aren’t good enough.

If I don’t understand your FAQ’s, your product or service is being lost.

If I get lost on your website, you’re closing the door in my face.

Read through those again and pretend you’re an IT user within your organization.

CIO’s: Consider This…

Take a second to think about what your users face day after day.

Let’s say you have an IT user who has a computer problem and need to get support.  How many hoops do they have to jump through to get their problem resolved?

What about the new project the marketing group needs to undertake to get the new marketing strategy moving?  Do they know who to come to in the IT group for help?  Do they WANT to come to the IT group for help?

What about the user who has a desktop PC that’s 4 years old while of the IT group walks around with new laptops?

How does your organization see you and your team?  Do they love IT?  Or hate IT?

Take a second to consider this.

Are you making it easier for your organization to use technology…or harder?

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