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CIO Magazine’s CIO 100 Honorees List

The 21st annual CIO 100 list has just been delivered. The article leading up to the list of the CIO 100 is quite interesting..I’m reading things like “think like the business”, “doing more with less”, “insourcing“, “transforming the business”, “agility”, “back to basics” and “simplicity”.  Rather than a bunch of buzzwords (OK…except for ‘transforming’), the CIO’s and IT leaders described in the article are talking about getting back to being flexible, agile and using simpler processes and technology to accomplish the business objectives.

One negative thing…there’s an awful lot of talk of ‘doing more with less’….we all know what that means.  Budget cutting and hiring freezes (and possible layoffs?).  IT folks will be asked to add even more tasks to their already over-tasked schedules and responsibilities.

That being said, it looks like an interesting list with some interesting projects. Check out the entire list of CIO 100 honorees for yourself.

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