Charles Green on ‘Why Trust Matters’

Another great post by Charles on his Trusted Advisor Associates blog “Trust Matters“. In the post, Charles is describing why he has named his blog “Trust Matters”…and its a good read.

What I found most interesting was the following excerpt:

The “soft” skills have “hard” payoffs in a connected world.

They are what permit alignment of organizations, faster go-to-market processes, successful strategic alliances, project teams, creativity, globalization, effective negotiation, people and customer attraction and retention, and execution. Businesses mired solely in the old-think of competitive positioning, behavioral measures-and-rewards, and business processes will find themselves behind the curve.

Taken out of context from Charles’ original post, the above passage is still perfectly understandable and one of the most succinct a descriptions of the importance of ‘soft skills’ in todays’ marketplace.

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