PMI IT Special Interest Group Newsletter

I’ve had a book review published in the latest PMI Information Technology & Telecom Newsletter (download the PDF here).  You’ll find my book review on page 16. The newsletter is published quarterly and is described as: Our newsletter is filled with activities that took place in the third quarter of 2008, including our visit to ProjectWorld Toronto … Read more

The power of mind-mapping

In the past few weeks I’ve been reading about creative and critical thinking and the creative process. One of the things that many people recommend to help with the creative process if the act of mind-mapping and brainstorming. I have experienced the technique of brainstorming and have used it quite often within my teams and … Read more

Case Study Assitance

The recent IEEE Engineering Management newsletter had a link to an excellent Case Study reference guide…thought I’d post it here for everyone else: There is an interesting PDF file that describes the process of writing case studies that looks very interesting. Technorati Tags: Case Study, Case Study development, Writing