Rediscovering Linux (via Ubuntu)

I had an old Dell 8250 sitting around (after purchasing a new Dell E521) and I decided to install Linux to see how the distributions were doing these days. I have played around with Red Hat and Suse in the past but was never really very satisfied with the whole installation/configuration process nor with the […]

Buying a new computer – Revisited

As a follow-up to my post titled “Buying a New Computer“, I wanted to let every know {start sarcasm} what a great experience using Vista is {end sarcasm}. As you may or may not know. I bought a new Dell Dimension E521 with Windows Vista Home Premium. I unpacked the box, connected the peripherals and […]

Using Gmail to capture Tasks

For as long as I can remember, I have been looking for a simple way to capture tasks for later review. I’ve looked at many different time management systems (Franklin Covey, David Allen’s Getting Things Done, etc) and have tried to implement them in my everyday life but none of these systems provide me with […]

Just in caseā€¦

If you see any quirks with this blog/website please let me know (via comments or email). I have recently setup this blog to update the blogging engine (WordPress) using the WordPress subversion system (SVN). When I setup the SVN connection I accidentally chose the developers trunk instead of the stable release trunk…therefore I am now […]

Godaddy Customer Service – An Update

If you haven’t read the post earlier this week about Godaddy’s customer service, you really didn’t miss much…other than a rant from me about how bad their service is. I have made the move to Superb Servers. In addition to being $15 per month cheaper than GoDaddy for a similar dedicated server, Superb Servers had […]

Computer cited for practicing law

This story has been around for a week or so but it was interesting enough (to me at least) to share. The 27B Stroke 6 blog over at has an interesting story about a web-based ‘expert-system’ that has been ordered shut down by the California Court system because it was practicing law without a […]

Customer Service – GoDaddy Style

I’m not sure if anyone has noticed recently, but my blog (and a few other websites I have on the same server) has been running slowly…so I decided to change from a virtual dedicated server (VDS) to my own dedicated server with the same hosting company. The company,, prides itself on providing ‘excellent customer […]

Mike Schaffner: Strategic IT

Mike Schaffner over at the “Beyond Blinking Lights” blog has an interesting post titled “Let’s Get Strategic!” that discusses the need for IT groups to become more strategic. Mike writes: If IT wants to be strategic it has to go beyond just being a order takers and implementers. We need to take the steps necessary […]

Microsoft Vista DRM is Scary

Just ran across a report on MS Vista’s DRM and content protection system by Peter Gutmann at the University of Auckland (read entire report here). What I read was pretty scary if it is true. The most troubling is that Vista supposedly disables technology on a computer to keep “premium content” (i.e., HD, Blue-ray, etc) […]