A review of Drucker’s “They’re not employees; they’re people”

I was asked by a former professor to write a review of Peter Drucker’s “They’re not employees; they’re people” article to provide as an example to his class…I hope its a good example and not a bad one. I thought I’d share it here for others to read. Article Review The main theme of this […]

Alignment of Projects and Strategy

Just finished reading an interesting article by Dragan Milosevic and Sabin Srivannaboon in the August 2006 edition of PMI’s PM Journal titled "A Theoretical Framework for Aligning Project Management with Business Strategy" (#1). Srivannaboon also had a similar article published in the December 2006 edition of the PM Journal titled "Linking Project Management with Business […]

Project Failure

I just ran across a post by Michael Krigsman titled “Eight Causes of IT Project Failure”. According to a recent report from the UK National Audit office about IT project failures, the following reasons were cited as the top reasons for failure: Lack of clear link between the project and the organization’s key strategic priorities, […]

Best Buy’s “revolutionary” way of working

Prior to reading the new Businessweek (Dec 11th 2006), I ran across Web Worker Daily’s (WWD) post about the article and the way in which Best Buy is “revolutionizing” the workplace with their “Results Oriented Work Environment” (ROWE). First off, thanks to WWD for bringing this article to my attention as it usually takes me […]

How to handle Layoff’s

Was reading a post on David Maister’s blog about the method in which Pfizer may or may not be using email to let their workforce know if they are part of the 2000 employees being let go. The post got me to thinking about using technology (e.g., email) to communicate a message such as this […]

The Strategic use of Human Resources

This is an excerpt of a paper I wrote while working on my MBA. To read the entire article, download the PDF “The Strategic use of Human Resources.” One concept that emerged in the late twentieth century that calls for a strategic partnership with HR is the concept called Strategic Human Resource Management (SHRM). SHRM […]