Links for June 21 2009

Lots of great stuff out there this past week…can’t share it all but will share some.  If you want to track all my shared stories from my google reader Shared Items feed. It’s Simple, Fix the Problem by Valeria Maltoni on Conversation Agent Become a More Creative Leader — Think Small by Stew Friedman on … Read more

You’re doing it wrong!

You’re doing it wrong! I hate when people tell me that. Who are they to tell me how to do something? OK…OK…there are times when ‘right’ and ‘wrong’ make sense. Driving a car. Flying a plane.  Connecting electric lines. Things like this do have right and wrong ways. If I’m taking a picture, who’s to … Read more

Inbound Marketing Summit Dallas – Great event

I had the pleasure of meeting some great folks at the Inbound Marketing Summit in Dallas.  I learned a lot and had a lot of the ideas that I already had reinforced. The best thing of the event?  I figured out that every large organization has similar problems when it comes to Social Media. A … Read more

Links for April 12 2009

Things not to say – “We don’t have time” by Scott Berkun on The Berkun Blog Thinking outside the project: implied responsibilities of an agile product owner by Laura Brandau on Bridging the Gap between Business and IT The costs of employee turnover, and turnover rates by industry by Cheri Baker on The Enlightened Manager … Read more

Ramblings on Social Media

I’ve been lurking around the social web for quite some time experimenting with different systems and learning a tremendous amount from all of the ‘experts’ out there. I’ve been on LinkedIn, Facebook, MySpace, Technorati and many many other systems.  I liked some and didn’t like some. I recently started using Twitter (@ericdbrown) and Friendfeed (find … Read more