The Thin line between Great and Ghost Town

I just finished reading Using an Internal Social Network to Solve Real Business Problems by Nichole Kelly over on Social Media Explorer. When I started reading the article, I almost closed my Firefox tab when I read “Transforming into a social business…” in sentence #1. I’m not a fan of the term ‘social business’, mainly … Read more

Social Media – Driving changes for IT?

This was originally posted on InfoBoom.  Reposting here for my regular readers. I recently wrote a post titled Social – A Culture, not a tool that describes a “light bulb moment” that a friend of mine had when thinking about Social media’s use in marketing and PR. In that post, I outline how a friend … Read more

The dangers of social media…or…don’t be a sheeple

Sheeple by By rhiannonstone on flickr

Social Media has brought a real danger to the forefront of society. It’s not the security risks that might be inherent in social media, although there are many of these types of risks. It’s not the many inherent dangers that might be found in social media, although they are valid dangers. It’s not the very real and very serious … Read more