Stephen Seay- Description of Roles within Projects

Stephen Seay has a great write-up of the roles within projects in his post titled Project Roles and Responsibilities. Stephen’s descriptions are succinct and descriptive. Thanks to Frank Patrick at Focused Performance for the link. [tags] Project Management, Program Management [/tags]

Earned Value Management – The next ‘buzzword’?

[email protected] has a new article titled “(L)earned Value” that discusses the ‘new trend’ of implementing Earned Value Management (EVM) systems for use within an organization’s project teams. According to [email protected], EVM is: An EVM system effectively integrates the project scope of work with cost, schedule and performance elements for optimum project planning and control. The […]

Alignment of Projects and Strategy

Just finished reading an interesting article by Dragan Milosevic and Sabin Srivannaboon in the August 2006 edition of PMI’s PM Journal titled "A Theoretical Framework for Aligning Project Management with Business Strategy" (#1). Srivannaboon also had a similar article published in the December 2006 edition of the PM Journal titled "Linking Project Management with Business […]

Project Management Glossary

Just ran across this great Project Management Glossary maintained by Dave Wagner over at the MBA FAQ website. It has short succinct definitions of the most used terminology and is a good starting point for people new to the PM world. Thanks for posting the glossary Dave. [tags] Project Management, Glossary, MBA FAQ [/tags]

Survey shows value gained using PM Best Practices

The Center for Business Practices (CBP) released their “State of Project Management 2006” survey (view PDF version here) or go to this URL: The survey is worth taking some time to read. I think the results show that implementing PM Methodologies and PM offices provides value to an organization…although organizations should also ensure that […]

The Critical Chain

I’ve been reading Eliyahu Goldratt’s book Critical Chain and am quite intrigued with the application of Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints (TOC) to Project Management. The book has some excellent ideas for possible improvements to Project Management methodologies. I am currently about halfway through the book and am very interested in finishing. After starting the book, […]

Project Portfolio Management

According to Jeannette Cabanis-Brewin, Project Portfolio Management (PPM) should be something that every project manager should embrace…and I agree. According to Jeannette, there are 3 reasons to embrace PPM: PPM brings realism to an organization’s planning processes. PPM brings rationality in the allocation of resources, both human and financial. PPM brings visibility to project work […]

Project Failure

I just ran across a post by Michael Krigsman titled “Eight Causes of IT Project Failure”. According to a recent report from the UK National Audit office about IT project failures, the following reasons were cited as the top reasons for failure: Lack of clear link between the project and the organization’s key strategic priorities, […]

Strategic Project Management

This is an excerpt of a paper I wrote while working on my MBA. To read the entire article, download the PDF titled “Strategic Project Management.” Strategic Project Management (SPM) (also called Enterprise Project Management by some) has been defined by Callahan & Brooks (2004) as “the use of the appropriate project management knowledge, skills, […]