Links for November 8 2009

Intuition vs. Data-Driven Decision-Making: Some Rough Ideas by Bob Sutton on Bob Sutton – Work Matters CIO and the Art of Decision Making by Arun Manansingh on A CIO’s Voice Before you can truly talk about Change Management, you have to focus on achieving clear vision by Olivier Blanchard on The BrandBuilder Blog The 5 … Read more

If you claim to be agile, then be agile

As some of you may know, I’ve talked about agile methodologies in software development in previous blog posts (see links below). The topic of Agile methods still seems to be quite hot these days and many organizations want to ‘go agile’ and many vendors sell themselves as being ‘agile’. This is great….but many of these … Read more

Great post on Product Management

Steve Neiderhauser has a very good post titled “Product Management through Options” that discusses the need to use options when designing new products. An interesting line from the blog post is: Anticipating your customer’s needs is key to making sure your app has the right hooks in place, and to positioning options. Remove the word … Read more