Competitive Advantage – The Human Capital approach

I was asked recently to describe how an organization can use its human capital to create competitive advantage. I fell into the trap of using Porter’s descriptions and other schemes of describing what it is and how to achieve it and while I was talking I saw eyes glazing over and people losing interest very […]

Musings on Passion, Life & Organizations

Its amazing to see what passion can do to a person….and an organization. My wife Tracie and a business partner (Marcy) officially launched their photography business recently (and I couldn’t be prouder of them). The business, named Jordan Brown Photography (you can view their website @, and the pictures that they’ve taken have already […]

Dress Codes Revisited

As a follow up to my previous post titled “Dress Codes at Work“, I wanted to present the following hypothetical question to my readers. You work for a company that has a formal dress code that requires a tie to be worn everyday to work. You have the chance to hire the world’s foremost expert […]

“Cube Rules” on Networking

Scott Herrick has a very good post on his Cube Rules blog titled “Networking for Shy People” that is definitely worth the read whether you are shy or not. One of the clearest descriptions Ive ever read of networking is provided by Scott when he writes (emphasis is mine): First, learning that “networking” isn’t something […]