What’s the difference between a CIO and CMO?

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Some smart-ass (like me) will probably say “1 letter”….but let’s dive into that question a little more deeply. Last week, in an article titled “CIO’s vs. CMO’s – what’s the real problem?“, I shared the following 2010 goals/projects that CIO’s and CMO’s are reportedly working on.   In that article I also promised a discussion of … Read more What’s the difference between a CIO and CMO?

CIO’s vs CMO’s – what’s the real problem?

Improve end-user workforce productivityEarlier this week I wrote a post titled “The relationship between the CIO and CMO?” where I reported on a survey from the CMO council (as reported by CIO.com). In that survey, an interesting result was reported that shows a huge disconnect between the CIO and CMO when it comes to digital … Read more CIO’s vs CMO’s – what’s the real problem?

Passion – The key to engagement for IT?

Passion - key to engagement?

Passion. What type of emotion is evoked when you read it or hear that word? What do you think of when you think of passion? Do you think about your job?  The company you work for?  Finishing up the big project you’re working on? Or… Do you think about many other things outside of your … Read more Passion – The key to engagement for IT?

Good People…Good Processes

I’ve said before that people are more important that process. I’ve said it in many different ways and in many different articles.  After every article, I receive responses from readers similar to these: Processes are important. Processes drive the business to efficiency. Process drives execution. After receiving these types of responses, I always have to go back and … Read more Good People…Good Processes

What’s wrong with today’s IT?

What's wrong with today's IT?

Last week I wrote a long article titled Building Tomorrow’s Organization – without today’s IT? The purpose of that article was to walk through a ‘what if’ scenario centered around designing the organization of tomorrow without a single IT professional. I’d like to thank those that left feedback for providing exactly what I was looking … Read more What’s wrong with today’s IT?