Organizational Culture

In a post last week, I mentioned that I was reading “The Seven Day Weekend” by Ricardo Semler…I am still reading the book (I’m slow OK?) and have been reading chapter seven. This chapter begins with Ricardo discussing an organizations’ culture and the need to be very careful not to create an organization of sameness. … Read more

Profits & Morality

I’ve been reading Ricardo Semler‘s phenomenal book “The Seven Day Weekend” and just ran across this quote: Cash on hand, revenue, and profits are wonderful indeed, but say precious little if taken on their own. …. Profits must be judged as moral or immoral by how they are earned and how they are disposed. – … Read more

The Hiring Challenge(s)

Hiring and retaining good people has always been a challenge for most companies. Because of this, you’d think that more companies would understand the basic concepts of this challenge but most companies still have no idea how to even begin to overcome it. There are quite a few companies out there that have figured out … Read more