Interviewing Tips for Interviewers – Round 2

Have you ever walked into an interview with a preconceived notion of the job you were interviewing for and after during/after the interview you felt that the job you were told about wasn’t the job you interviewed for? In a previous article titled “Interviewing Tips for Interviewers,” I gave interviewers five tips for interviewing. These … Read more Interviewing Tips for Interviewers – Round 2

Follow-up to Employee Onboarding

This post is a follow up to my post titled “Employee Onboarding“. Research reported on a recent Management Issues article titled “How to lose half your hires within a year” provides a bit more insight into the Employee Onboarding problem in the US. They report (bolded text is my emphasis): A study by consultancy Novations … Read more Follow-up to Employee Onboarding

Organizational Alignment and Project Success

Organization Alignment seems like one of those ‘touchy feely’ things that most technical folks would rather not discuss but it’s actually quite relevant to success in todays technology and project driven organizations. Note: For books on organizational alignement, check out these amazon books: Books on Organizational Alignment. Organizational alignment is the practice of aligning an … Read more Organizational Alignment and Project Success

Agile or Waterfall…does it matter?

First off…let me answer the question: Does it matter if I use Agile or Waterfall methodologies in my project? My opinion is no…it doesn’t matter…but there are a few caveats to that answer. Read on. In the software development world, there’s been a debate raging for quite a few years about the ‘best’ way to … Read more Agile or Waterfall…does it matter?

Interviewing Tips for Interviewers

There are a lot of ‘experts’ and ‘how to guides’ giving tips on interviewing and how to interview candidates for a position. Most of these tips are good…but people should also be careful to interject a little bit of personality and common sense into interviewing. See my list of Interviewing Tips for Interviewers at the … Read more Interviewing Tips for Interviewers

Follow-up to Organizational Culture

I just read an article on Steve Roesler’s blog “All Things Workplace” titled “More Smart People, Change, and Willingness to Learn” that had an interesting twist on a topic that I have blogged about before (namely in Organizational Culture and The Problem(s) with Linear Thinking). In this post, Steve talks relays a story: Joe Kowalski … Read more Follow-up to Organizational Culture