Great Book Reviews Website

I’m not a big fan of pushing 3rd party products and/or services on this blog but I feel like I need to do this. 800-CEO-READ is a website dedicated to business related books. I found the site to be an OK bookstore, but a great book reviewer. What the website does do better than most … Read more

Building Buzz for yourself

During my usual Sunday evening read through my favorite blogs, I read an interesting post at the Brazen Careerist titled “How to build buzz around yourself“. I am a big believer in networking and building relationships and this post gives some good advice for networking and building buzz for yourself. The key points about how … Read more

Case Study Assitance

The recent IEEE Engineering Management newsletter had a link to an excellent Case Study reference guide…thought I’d post it here for everyone else: There is an interesting PDF file that describes the process of writing case studies that looks very interesting. Technorati Tags: Case Study, Case Study development, Writing

In Memoriam: Dr. Frank M. Bass

Dr. Bass passed away on December 1, 2006. From the University of Texas at Dallas’ webpage: (1926-2006) Dr. Frank M. Bass, often called the “Father of Marketing Science,” died on December 1, 2006 at his home. At age 79, he was in his 25th year as a professor of marketing science in the School of … Read more