Using Gmail to capture Tasks

For as long as I can remember, I have been looking for a simple way to capture tasks for later review. I’ve looked at many different time management systems (Franklin Covey, David Allen’s Getting Things Done, etc) and have tried to implement them in my everyday life but none of these systems provide me with … Read more

Seth Godin on Sheepwalking

You’ve no doubt heard the term “sheep” applied to people who follow others blindly. You know the the people who buy the new ‘hot’ music album. The people who buy the shirt/hat of the new ‘champion team’ (basketball, football, baseball, etc). The people who go to {insert school name here} because that’s the school to … Read more

Book summaries in Wiki format

Ran across an interesting Wiki for book summaries today. From Wiki Summaries: Free book summaries that anyone can edit! provides free summaries of books, plays and other written documents. There aren’t many summaries yet, but I expect there will be once more people find out about this Wiki. Check out Wiki Summaries @ … Read more

Anyone up for some Self-Promotion?

Of course 🙂 My blog post titled “The Problem(s) with Linear Thinking” made it into this week’s Carnival of the Capitalists, which was hosted by David Maister over on Passion, People and Principles. Although I didn’t make it onto David’s “posts I liked best list” I at least got a mention (as did anyone who … Read more

Great Book Reviews Website

I’m not a big fan of pushing 3rd party products and/or services on this blog but I feel like I need to do this. 800-CEO-READ is a website dedicated to business related books. I found the site to be an OK bookstore, but a great book reviewer. What the website does do better than most … Read more