Blog Changes

I will be making a few minor changes to this blog. The domain name is changing and I am thinking of changing the name of the blog…I have setup a poll for your thoughts on the name change. Domain Name Change After trying for quite a few years, I was able to finally get my … Read more

I’ve been tagged…8 Random Facts

Jim Stroup of “Managing Leadership” tagged me recently in his post titled “Random Day 1“…guess its time to jump in with some random facts. I haven’t quite figured out why anyone would want to know some random facts about me, but here goes. First…the rules: Post these rules before you give your facts. List 8 … Read more


Looks like an interesting little fad out on the net now is to search for a Googlenope. What is this? According to the Washington Post’s Gene Weingarten, it is search result on Google that results in zero hits. Mr Weingarten seems to have created the word…at the time that he made the word, it was … Read more

The “Project Cartoon”

If you haven’t seen the “Project Cartoon”, you need too. The original can be found here at and they’ve now given people the ability to create their own versions of the cartoon. Check it out if you have a few minutes to waste. Thanks to the 800-CEO-READ Blog for the link. I took it … Read more