Are you managing the constraints or leading your people?

I’ve just started reading Multipliers: How the Best Leaders Make Everyone Smarter (affiliate link) by Liz Wiseman and Greg McKeown.  Actually…I’ve only made it through the foreword written by Stephen R. Covey…but I’m hoping to get a bit further in the book soon 🙂  I can’t recommend the book just yet (perhaps a book review … Read more Are you managing the constraints or leading your people?

Delivering Happiness – Book Review

I picked up Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose by Tony Hsieh through the Amazon Vine program (love that program…free stuff to review!). I’m a big fan of Zappos and the things that the company has been able to do. I love the idea of a culture driven company and Zappos has … Read more Delivering Happiness – Book Review

Certifications in IT – Worth it or not?

My good friend, and partner at,  Gene Delibero asks a few interesting questions in a post titled “Certification: No Guarantee of Competency – But it Can’t Hurt” on CIOE. In this post Gene highlights the pros/cons of IT Certifications and asks these questions: Do you rely on IT certification when hiring? What has your … Read more Certifications in IT – Worth it or not?

CIO as Leader or Manager?

Managing by Henry Mintzberg - Book Review

I just finished reading “Managing” by Henry Mintzberg. Great book. What’s so great about it?  It provides a good reminder that being a good manager is just as important as being a good leader. Mintzberg does an excellent job of bringing the importance of managing well to the forefront. Like I said…good book.  Buy it … Read more CIO as Leader or Manager?

Do it or Don’t….just stop talking about it

I’ve got a few pet peeves.  Linear Thinking is one of them.  Another one is talking about doing something but never doing it. I’m not talking about ‘not following through’ on things.  That’s a performance issue and one that can be addressed with some coaching and basic management skills. What I’m talking about are those … Read more Do it or Don’t….just stop talking about it

Consultants and the CIO

This is a short one….lots going on this week. I got a lot of great feedback on a post I wrote titled “Consultants – Do we need them?“.  In that post I argue that consultants are necessary…not a necessary evil mind-you…but a necessity for modern day IT organizations. One of the lines of that struck … Read more Consultants and the CIO