Dallas School Integrity Chief may lack integrity

A story broke on Tuesday December 5th in the Dallas morning News (DMN) about the Dallas Independent School District’s new head of the Office of District Integrity, David Fryar, did not have his CPA license as he stated on his resume. According to the DMN: Mr. Fryar’s résumé and application stated that he is a … Read more Dallas School Integrity Chief may lack integrity

Craig Weatherup on Leadership

I was just reading through one of my favorite blogs (David Maister’s People, Passion and Principles) and was delighted to read about David listening to former Pepsi executive Craig Weatherup discuss leadership. According to all reports of Mr. Weatherup’s character, he is a a down-to-earth, low-key kind of person who practices a hands-on approach to … Read more Craig Weatherup on Leadership

Best Buy’s “revolutionary” way of working

Prior to reading the new Businessweek (Dec 11th 2006), I ran across Web Worker Daily’s (WWD) post about the article and the way in which Best Buy is “revolutionizing” the workplace with their “Results Oriented Work Environment” (ROWE). First off, thanks to WWD for bringing this article to my attention as it usually takes me … Read more Best Buy’s “revolutionary” way of working