Growth at all cost?

David Maister posted another great article today relating to the almost relentless quest for corporate growth in todays marketplace. David writes: In most companies and firms, it is taken as a matter of unexamined faith that the organization must grow. A related article of faith is hat size matters – in marketing, in recruiting, in … Read more

Manager Mindsets

In a 2003 article in Harvard Business Review, the article titled “The Five Minds of a Manager” written by Jonathan Gosling and Henry Mintzberg, the authors address the question of the mindset of managers. The authors believe that there is too much emphasis on Leadership and not enough on Management within most organizations today when … Read more

Craig Weatherup on Leadership

I was just reading through one of my favorite blogs (David Maister’s People, Passion and Principles) and was delighted to read about David listening to former Pepsi executive Craig Weatherup discuss leadership. According to all reports of Mr. Weatherup’s character, he is a a down-to-earth, low-key kind of person who practices a hands-on approach to … Read more