Big ideas vs Little ideas

Would you rather have one great big idea or tons of little ideas? Me?  I’m fond of having a lot of little ideas. Why?  Little ideas are easier to understand, easier to fund and easier to implement. Little ideas can be brought to life with less effort when compared  to the great big idea.  A … Read more Big ideas vs Little ideas

Think Better

The last book from my ‘vacation reading list” is Think Better: An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking by Tim Hurson. Some of you may remember a brief mention of this book in a post titled “Critical Thinking vs Creative Thinking“. This is a very interesting book full of great information….kudos go to the author for … Read more Think Better

Critical Thinking vs Creative Thinking

I just started reading “Think Better: An Innovator’s Guide to Productive Thinking” by Tim Hurson. I just started Chapter 3 and have become amazed that I hadn’t thought about the difference between Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking….even though I’ve blogged about the subject in the past (see The Problem(s) with Linear Thinking, Critical Thinking Definitions, … Read more Critical Thinking vs Creative Thinking

Carpe Factum: Botox and the Organization

Short post today…but powerful (at least I think so). Great post over at Carpe Factum today titled “Are You Botox-ing Your Organization?“. Not much I can add to what Timothy has already said other than to ask you the following question: Do you allow your employees/teams to fail?  Do they know they have the right … Read more Carpe Factum: Botox and the Organization

Innovation needs Execution

Scot Herrick over at CubeRules had a very interesting post today titled “Innovating Like Crazy; Executing Like Crap“. Great title and great thoughts in his post, including this one: Innovation is essential to your work. Yet delivery of the innovation is the outward and visible sign of the inward and spiritual grace that you provide … Read more Innovation needs Execution


Articles and books about Innovation are everywhere. Every organization talks about increasing innovation…and they talk…and they talk. Instead of talking about ‘how to innovate’ and trying to implement ‘innovation groups’, perhaps organizations need to just let their people work on topics that interest them. There are many organizations touting their ‘innovation networks’ and ‘processes to … Read more Innovation