Information Technology & Security

Anyone catch Ben Worthen’s article on the Wall Street Journal’s Business Technology Blog? The article, titled “Shocking New Survey: Employees Willfully Violate Security“, got me thinking about Information Technology & Security. Now…I’m not a security person. I understand the technologies and the reasons for enacting security measures but I have no experience running IT security … Read more

Successful Technology Implementations

I recently turned a six month consulting project into a 1 month project…and I couldn’t be happier. The client saved ~$1.5 million and they were able to turn around ‘failed’ software implementation. Why I’m telling this story Before I get into the back-story, I want to share the reasons for telling the story. It isn’t … Read more

Email Overload has an article titled “Intel’s E-Mail Overload Solution” that describes the steps Intel is taking to combat email overload. What I found interesting was the amount of time Intel’s employees were ‘wasting’ every week on due to email….a number that is probably pretty accurate for most organizations. The article states: What they found: “Knowledge … Read more

I’m back

It seems like an eternity since I’ve posted something here but its only been three weeks. I’ve been busy getting settled into a new job…I’m now working for DigIT Technologies as Senior Project Manager responsible for managing the professional services functions for all DigIT Enterprise clients. DigIT Technologies has developed a product to streamline and … Read more

Buying a new computer

A few things have occurred over the last week that have led me to purchase a new desktop computer….which of course allows me to get all nerdy/geeky and ready all the hardware/software reviews, etc. I’ve been using a Dell 8250 for the last 4 years and have to say I’ve been very happy with the … Read more