Article Review on Knowledge Management

One of my assignments in my Knowledge Management Class had me read and review am article using PowerPoint. I’ve just submitted the assignment and wanted to provide a link to my readers to take a look at the presentation and provide some feedback. The article reviewed is: Slaughter, S. A., & Kirsch, L. J. (2006). … Read more

I am now a doctoral student

Starting September 5, 2007, I will be a student in the Doctor of Science in Information Systems program at Dakota State. The school is one of the very very few non-profit, regionally accredited universities in the country that offers a doctoral program in information systems via an external (or distance learning) program. The DSU D.Sc. … Read more

Charles Green on “Credentials”

Charles Green over at “Trust Matters Blog” has a pretty good post titled “Credentials, Elitism and Web 2.0” that discusses the ‘credential’ problem in the world today. Take a read of Charles’ post…it has a very interesting discussion about some ‘library traditionalists’ vs Wikipedia that is good all by itself…but the best part of the … Read more