Doctorate Work = 43% complete

I’ve just submitted my last requirement for my last class in the Spring 2009 semester.  Whew. I’m now 43% complete with the doctoral work…should be done with coursework around this time next year. Current Status (May 2009) 39 hours complete 52 remaining (27 hours coursework, 25 hours dissertation) 43% complete. Coursework completion ~ mid-2010 Dissertation … Read more

Using Stories to share knowledge

As part of a research project for my doctorate work I’ve been looking at the use of storytelling for knowledge sharing in project teams.  I’ve found the topic extremely interesting and perhaps even something I can find a dissertation topic out of. While looking through my RSS Reader last week I ran across Glenn Whitfield‘s … Read more

Doctorate Pursuit – Year 1

The first year of my doctorate program is done! Actually…I finished my last course about a month ago but with the Fall 2008 semester starting next week, I figured I should claim the First Year is complete. During the first year I took five courses: INFS 614 – Introduction to Research INFS 720 – Systems … Read more

First semester in the Doctoral program

Things have been a little quite on my blog recently due to being busy in coursework for my doctorate at Dakota State University. The Fall 2007 semester is in full swing and I’ve found myself working harder in this program than I can remember doing in my MBA program. This semester finds me in 2 … Read more

I am now a doctoral student

Starting September 5, 2007, I will be a student in the Doctor of Science in Information Systems program at Dakota State. The school is one of the very very few non-profit, regionally accredited universities in the country that offers a doctoral program in information systems via an external (or distance learning) program. The DSU D.Sc. … Read more