Exavault – Customer Service Done Right

I’ve been looking for a remote location to store off-site backups and have tried a lot of different services and I thought I found the answer with a company called Exavault (http://www.exavault.com). Exavault has two different types of accounts: FTP and rsync. Each account has its strengths & weaknesses and each account is very competitive … Read more

How to drive customers away

There are tons of websites, articles and blogs about how to build a relationship with your clients. Much has been written about fostering long term relationships and build client loyalty. Bank of America – You need to go read those websites. I’ve been a fairly loyal Bank of America customer for about 5 years now. … Read more

Customer Service – Yahoo Style

I’ve recently run into problems with my yahoo account. I’ve owned this particular account since 1997 and have diligently paid yahoo $20 a year for the additional mail features (pop access, more storage, etc) and have always had a good luck with it…until recently. Last week I tried logging into my account to check up … Read more

Customer Service Defined

If you ever want to know what Customer Service truly is and is not, let your Air Conditioner fail and start calling AC Repair companies. Our AC went out yesterday. Of course, yesterday was the hottest day of the year here in Dallas. Thankfully, it stopped working in the evening instead of during the heat … Read more