Spotting a professional

The word ‘professional’ is quite often overused in today’s world. There are tons of professionals out there. Professional sports players. Professional money managers. Professionals in the medical and legal industrys. Over the last 10 years, there’s been a move to make darn near every type of job a ‘professional’ type of job – “Professional” project … Read more

A lesson in Customer Relations

Yesterday I spent some time going through my inbox and cleaning up a lot of email newsletters / services that I’ve subscribed to.  I think I unsubscribed from about 25 to 30 different newsletters and/or notification services. I didn’t unsubscribe willy-nilly though…I kept those that I found interesting and/or that I look forward to reading. … Read more

CRM tools do not equal CRM

Image by holeymoon via Flickr CRM tools do not equal CRM (yes…I know…I’ve said it twice…but it IS important). For the geeks out there, let me spell it out for you too – CRM tools != CRM. Or perhaps if you know your FORTRAN 77 (I taught it for 3 years…ugh) – CRM tools .NE. … Read more